Drug Information and Best Practice Guidelines

Best Practice: Everything in One Place

For the busy healthcare professional, wouldn’t life be easier if they could have an easy-access reference which combines drug information, best practice guidelines and hands-on experience with patients?  At EBN we believe healthcare professionals should have the best information in the form of a medical knowledge base for clinical decision support at point of care, because patient health matters. 

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EBN can:
  • Ensure clinical knowledge resources are created and delivered using an expert international team
  • Compile a knowledge base using licensed medicines information and reference to the best evidence from reputable sources including WHO, NICE and Cochrane
  • Compare current practice with International best practice
  • Work with your country's experts to ensure the information is practical, appropriate and reflects local methods
  • Create modern Best Practice Guidelines through key model policies, processes and standard operating procedures

Quality Healthcare at Point of Care

We know that busy doctors have to make life and death decisions every day. We know they worry they could do better, but that there simply isn’t time to review all of the information and new studies out there. The solution is to create bespoke medication information resources and approved best practice guidelines, which are reviewed by medical experts and made available at a glance on a phone or tablet screen, reducing medication errors and improving patient care.  Digital knowledge resources allow for instant access to a wider network of evidence-based medicine information sources and can be a cornerstone of quality healthcare and medical and pharmacy education.

Healthcare Improvements

The intelligent provision and skilled use of evidence-based knowledge can improve the healthcare system as a whole.  Guidelines help underpin the standards for healthcare, allowing medical professionals to improve their performance and engage more with easily accessible evidence.  The increased use of appropriate knowledge also increases the consistency of treatment, making it easier to know what has happened to a patient and how to treat them.

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