Problem Solving in Acute Oncology 2nd edition

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  • Created in partnership with the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP)
  • Structured problem solving approach illustrated through 38 case studies
  • Suitable for acute oncology teams including in the community, and trainees
  • Provides a template for acute service development and emergency treatment

About the Book

The development and delivery of acute oncology services have undoubtedly improved the care of cancer patients, the management of acute complications of cancer and its treatment, and our approaches to diagnosing patients who present with cancer and no obvious primary site.

There remains a need to ensure that practitioners are kept fully informed and up-to-date about the appropriate clinical care to be provided in the setting of acute oncology, and to continue a dialogue on the best way to deliver acute oncology services within limited resources. Since the first edition of Problem Solving in Acute Oncology was published there has been continued development and expansion of services. The importance of the involvement of primary care in delivering acute oncology nationally has been increasingly  recognized, leading to the development of ever stronger links between the two. Closer working with acute medicine physicians has also improved the care of acute oncology patients; work is  ongoing to encourage closer collaboration between acute oncology services and clinical haematology.

This updated text is particularly helpful and timely. It will serve as a valuable resource for those who continue to develop excellent acute oncology services, as well as provide a source of training and an update for clinicians working in this challenging clinical area.

This book proposes a template that can be used by any professional involved in the planning and delivery of acute oncology care around the world. The book is formally supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP). This highly patient-centred, readable text will be of value to clinicians, healthcare strategic and operations managers, and doctors in training, in their daily work.

Contents and Contributors

SECTION ONE Perspectives
01 Acute Oncology Services: Past, Present and Future, Ruth E. Board
02 Nursing Developments in Acute Oncology, Jo Wilkinson, Christine Rhall
03 Carcinoma of Unknown Primary, Pauline Leonard, Christine Rhall
04 The Oncology Patient in the Acute Medical Unit, Will Marshall, Tim Cooksley
05 Which Cancer Patients Should Be Admitted to Critical Care?, Phil Haji-Michael 
06 Acute Oncology Services in the Devolved Nations, Rosie Roberts, Cathy Hutchison, Moyra Mills
07 Cancer Emergencies in the Community, Sinead Clarke, Joanne Stonehouse, Joanne Wilkinson, Susan Jones 

SECTION TWO Case Studies
Complications of Systemic Therapy 
01 Febrile Neutropenia, Rohan Shotton, Amy Ford 
02 Tumour Lysis Syndrome, Christopher Parrish, Gordon Cook
03 Antiangiogenic Therapy, Louise McKee, Gordon Urquhart
04 Cardiac Toxicity, Pankaj Punia, Chris Plummer
05 Liver Problems, Gemma Dart, Dan Swinson, Rebecca Jones
06 Acute Kidney Injury, Lucy Wyld, Christy Ralph, Andrew Lewington
07 Anticancer Treatment and the Kidney, Lucy Wyld, Christy Ralph, Andrew Lewington
08 Metabolic Complications, Mahabuba Hossain, Carmel Pezaro, Jennifer Walsh, Emma Rathbone, Janet Brown
09 Diabetes, Jenny Seligmann, Dan Swinson, Stephen Gilbey
10 Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Cancer Therapy, Mehran Afshar, Laura Camburn 
11 Acute Diarrhoea and Mucositis, Jordan Appleyard, Daniel Lee, D. Alan Anthoney 
12 Peripheral Neurotoxicity, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford 
13 Central Neurotoxicity, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford 
14 Chemotherapy-Induced Lung Toxicity, Lisa Owen, Satiavani Ramasamy, Dan Stark, Martyn Kennedy 
15 A Patient with Metastatic Melanoma with Rash and Diarrhoea after Treatment with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, Nadina Tinsley, Ruth E. Board 
16 Side Effects of Complex Treatment of Metastatic Lung Cancer with Chemotherapy and an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor, Ajay Sudan, Alastair Greystoke 
17 Rare Immune-Related Adverse Events Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors,  Anna Claire Olsson-Brown 
18 Complications of CAR T Cell Therapy, Adam Bond, Rachel Protheroe 

Complications of Radiotherapy
19 Radiation Pneumonitis, Saif Yousif, Dennis Yiannakis 
20 Radiation-Induced Head and Neck Mucositis, Arafat Mirza 
21 Management of Radiotherapy-Related Acute Skin Reactions, Deborah Williamson, Rachel Rigby 
22 Toxicity Related to Pelvic Radiotherapy, Rohan Iype, Alison Birtle 
23 CNS Toxicity of Radiotherapy, Simon Gray, Chin Chin Lim, Catherine Mitchell 

Complications of Cancer
24 Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, Richard Heywood, Vinton Cheng, Naveen Vasudev 
25 Superior Vena Cava Obstruction, Rachel Bird, Jane Hook 
26 Brain Metastases, Allison Hall, Pooja Jain, Andrew Brodbelt 
27 Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Greg Heath, Susan Short, Helen Ford 
28 Venous Thromboembolism, Nick Wreglesworth, Anna Mullard, Helen Innes 
29 Malignant Renal Obstruction, Andrew Viggars, Sunjay Jain, Naveen Vasudev
30 Management of Malignant Ascites, Benjamin Pickwell-Smith, Alison Young 
31 A Man with New Pleural Effusion, Keith Howell, Pooja Jain 
32 Metabolic Complications of Malignancy: Hypercalcaemia, Eliyaz Ahmed, Richard Griffiths, Sid McNulty 
33 Metabolic Complications of Malignancy: Hyponatraemia, Richard Griffiths, Sid McNulty 
34 Bowel Obstruction, Gemma Dart, Alison Young 
35 Malignant Pericardial Effusion, Madhuchanda Chatterjee, Judith Carser, Nick Palmer, Chris Campbell, Simon Williams 
36 Hyperviscosity Syndrome, Hyperleucocytosis and Leucostasis, Nikesh Chavda, Andrew Stewart 

Acute Palliative Care and Pain Control
37 A Patient with Metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer and Chest Wall Pain, Tammy Oxley, Karen Neoh, Michael Bennett 
38 Neuropathic Cancer Pain, Adam Hurlow, Michael Bennett 


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Publication Date: November 2019