Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology

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  • First Prize in the BMA Medical Book Awards 2017 - Oncology
  • A clear overview of latest developments in Precision Oncology from 76 experts and leaders in this field.
  • Gives a hands on, practical guide for the cancer physician to applying Precision Oncology in real life via essays and case studies.
  • A valuable learning tool for doctors, nurses, the graduate medical trainees and anyone involved in cancer care.

About the Book
"Precision oncology offers a hugely exciting opportunity to personalise cancer treatments and prevention for the benefit of the individual but does present great challenges at present, both scientific and ethical."

We now have the capacity to identify the abnormalities in genes and proteins that introduce the risk of individuals developing cancer, as well as those responsible for the classical behaviour of a cancer. Healthcare teams are now able to better diagnose cancer, evolve preventive strategies, and develop and deploy targeted cancer therapies. Precision oncology allows better prevention strategies, ensuring that therapeutic interventions can be concentrated on those who will benefit and reducing expense and sparing side effects for those who will not.

This new educational resource provides an overview of the latest progress in precision oncology, plus a ground breaking collection of case studies ("Problems") showing precision oncology in practice. It includes a clear, readable summary of developments alongside real-life case studies, providing a valuable update for all involved in the oncology community. The editors lead research and clinical teams at four UK centres of excellence in the field.

Who is it for?

Specialists in Oncology | General Physicians | Doctors in Training | Oncology Nurses | Healthcare Managers and Administrators

Edited by:
Ellen R. Copson
, Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK | Peter Hall, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK | Ruth E. Board, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Preston, UK | Gordon Cook, Professor of Haematology and Myeloma Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK | Peter Selby, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Leeds Cancer Centre, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK | Honorary President of the Association of Cancer Physicians and of the European Cancer Concord

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Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-84692-111-7
256pp; 240 x 170mm; Illustrations; Paperback;
Publication Date: November 2016