Problem Solving in Cancer and Fertility

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  • Structured problem solving approach including 13 perspective chapters and examining 23 case studies
  • A valuable tool for doctors, nurses and graduate medical trainees in oncology, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology and fertility

About the Book

The treatment of cancer in young women and men is increasingly turning from focusing purely on survival to a recognition of the long-term effects of treatment on subsequent quality of life. In this regard, fertility is a very high priority for patients.

This is the first book to explain the latest techniques in fertility preservation, with contributions from leading gynaecology and fertility specialists, medical oncologists, obstetricians and urologists. This highly patient-centred, readable text will be of value to a wide range of clinicians and physicians, and doctors in training, in their daily work. This title is formally supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians.

Contents include: The effects of cancer and its treatment on female fertility; Fertility preservation in women; Fertility preservation in men; Management of cancer in pregnancy; Drugs used in pregnancy; Pregnancy after diagnosis and treatment of cancer; Fertility outcome in men after cancer treatment; Premature ovarian insufficiency - diagnosis and overview of survivorship issues; Egg donation and surrogacy; Hormone replacement options for women with premature ovarian insufficiency after cancer treatments; Hereditary cancer syndromes and fertility; Counselling – cancer and fertility: what does a counsellor in a fertility clinic do?; Ethical issues in fertility preservation for cancer patients.

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ISBN: 978 0 99559546 0

206 pages; 234 x 156mm; 20 illustrations; Paperback

Publication date: January 2021